As we are being transformed into passionate Christ-followers, there are 8 areas of life that will be impacted and reflect the on-going transformation. We refer to these as our 8 products.

(Lk. 11:28;  Eph. 6:10-18; Heb. 4:12; Jas. 1:22)

The Bible contains the truth and direction that a passionate Christ-follower needs to function in all areas of life in a manner pleasing to God. A passionate Christ-follower will commit to learning scripture and living under the authority of the Bible.

(Acts 16:33; Eph. 6:1-4; Col. 3:18-21)

The home is the first expression of living in community. Choosing to follow Jesus places us in the community the church. The health of  these families is crucial in that they are the vehicles through which God works to reveal Himself to us. A passionate Christ-follower will give them self to protecting and growing the health of their home and church family.

  (Prov. 15:29; Matt. 6:9-15; Mk. 14:38; Ph. 4:6; 1 Th. 5:17)

Prayer is the means by which we communicate with God. Prayer is the only vehicle through which we can present our needs to God. Prayer is the action of a person desperately seeking God’s presence. Prayer is a place where the Holy Spirit speaks and leads. A passionate Christ-follower will be a person who is desperately seeking God's presence through prayer.

(Lev. 27:30; Mal. 3:8-10; Matt. 6:19-21)

 God has provided all we have and need. Our resources are given to be used in moving the Kingdom of God forward. When we choose to use our resources in this manner we experience freedom from being controlled by physical possessions. A passionate Christ-follower will be a person who is faithful in giving   resources for God's use.

(John. 16:6-11; Rom. 8:1-4)  

The Holy Spirit guides us in the way to best follow God. To be led by the Holy Spirit requires a choice by a person to be available and obedient to the Spirit's prompting. The Holy Spirit reveals truth, convicts of error and leads to repentance through confession. A passionate Christ-follower will desire and work to be responsive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in their life by listening and responding to His prompting.

(Rom. 6:11-14; 8:9-11; Gal. 4:19-20; 5:16-26)

 While we are all broken and therefore, live according to our broken nature, God’s plan is to rebuild us to live according to a new nature. The Holy Spirit is at work in every Christ-follower to make them new in the image of Christ. A passionate Christ-follower will be constantly developing in Christ-likeness.

(Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 4:12; Rom. 10:14-15)

The primary means by which we bring glory to God is by fulfilling the mission to which He has called us. The mission of Jesus and His followers is to make disciples. In partnership with the Holy Spirit, a passionate Christ-follower will know the gospel, share the gospel and lead others to become followers of Christ.

(Matt. 25:34-40; Acts 1:8)

The work of a follower of Christ is to bring the gospel, which transforms the world, through the engagement of Christ-followers with all cultures and peoples. A passionate Christ-follower will use their lives to bring change both globally and locally.