Dear Crossroads Family,

We hope that this letter finds you and your family well this Christmas season. This year has come with changes and difficulties and as a church family we have worked hard to accommodate every need.  While having a Christmas Eve service has been a Crossroads tradition, we are hopeful that the new Campfire Christmas Event will bring just as much joy to your holidays.  

One thing remains the same this year- the opportunity to participate in our special Christmas offering.  Each year, because of your generous giving, the offering collected on Christmas Eve is sent out to support local missions and special projects within our Crossroads facility.

This year, with your help, it is our hope to gather enough funds to support missions in town such as; Jessica’s House, Enclave Church’s grocery program, Missionary Gospel Fellowship, Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center, and Turlock Chaplaincy. We believe in the work that these nonprofits are doing and would love to support them as they, among many other nonprofits, are struggling for funding during this COVID year.

In addition to those local missions, Crossroads has a number of facility needs.  Our newly renovated North Venue is in need of a new sound system since its conversion from the old Jr. High Room.  The Student Ministry Center is in need of a new Audio and Video system. And finally, an upgraded camera system is needed to greatly enhance the online viewing experience that has become essential to reach our entire congregation.  Below is a cost breakdown for each need:
North Venue Sound System - $5,000
Student Ministry Center – Audio $4,630.00, Video $1,898.00
Upgraded cameras for online services $40,000

We know how passionate Crossroads Church is about helping others, so this year we are giving you the option to designate which area you would like to invest in.  Your contribution can be broken down into individual facility projects here at Crossroads or be given to our local mission fund.  

We are so thankful that Crossroads is filled with generous givers, and can’t wait to see what ministry is blessed through you.

Your special offering can be given by mail, dropped by the office or through our online giving platform.