W E L C O M E !

We're so glad you're here. 

Dear Crossroads Family,

You have likely heard or seen the President's comments declaring 'on campus worship' essential.  You, no doubt, are encouraged and excited about the coming ability to once again gather in person.  However, the next step will be for the State and County to make a decision on the President's declaration and make that decision public.

The Governor shared that on Monday, May 25, he will release the Statewide guidance for churches and faith communities reopening. Once Stanislaus County has the opportunity to respond to the Governor's requirements, we will be able to complete our onsite preparations and share a timetable for our first in person weekend. We look forward to sharing more details as soon as we can.

Until then, we hope you will join us this weekend online.  You may join via facebook or through www.crossroadsturlock.com.  

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed and served our nation through the Armed Forces.

In His Grasp,

Lee Towns

Transforming everyday people into passionate Christ-followers. 

We are individuals from all walks of who love Jesus Christ deeply, who go through life's ups and downs with one another in community, and who grow in our faith and application of God's Word together. 


prayerfully dependent,
evangelistically focused,
Biblically measured,
globally invested,
financially faithful,
family centered,
and Christ-like in character.

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We believe in the power of prayer, that God not only hears the prayers of His people but gives answers and direction as we look to Him. We would love to know how we can pray for you. Prayer is the opportunity the Lord has given us to affect change in the world around us and to bring about His best for our lives.

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