Chet reid

Executive Pastor

Vance kelley

Connection Pastor
Chet is a native Californian born in Modesto and raised in the surrounding communities of Waterford, Hilmar, and Riverbank. He is married to Theresa Antognini from Patterson and they have been married forty-seven years. They have two adult children and seven grandchildren. His ministry roles have included serving as an associate pastor, senior pastor, executive staff denominationally, and President of a Christian Foundation. He has always been active at the local church teaching Community groups and has an extensive background in finance, investment banking, and estate planning. He loves coaching families to become successful stewards meeting their current family needs, retirement, and generous support of the Lord's work through estate planning.  He has a master’s degree in Church Administration, and a Doctorate in Business Development from California Baptist University, Riverside, CA.

1. 5 things people should know about me:

1) I’m serious about sharing the Word of God with clarity and accuracy,
2) I enjoy teaching young believers “how to live a successful Christian life”,
3) Developing believers to adopt a mind-set that “we are managers, not owners of our resources”,
4) Helping people become fruitful believers in a challenging world.
5) Following the Word is very important.'
2. Books I love: '"Good to Great" by Jim Collins  and "Disciples Are Made Not Born" by Walter A. Henrichsen.'
3. Music on my playlist: 'Gathers, Lee Greenway, Scott Westley Brown, Southern gospel'
4. What I miss from when I was 18 years old: 'Nothing. My best year is the one I’m living!'
5. What is keeping me up at night: 'How to best support the Crossroads leadership as they engage in reaching our community. I’m rarely satisfied. We can always do more.'
Vance was born and raised in Roseville, CA. He met his amazing and beautiful wife Cathy in Fresno while he was attending seminary. They have been married for over 30 years and have two daughters, Shannon and Heather. Vance has served as Senior Pastor to four different churches over the last 23 years. He has served as a Law Enforcement Chaplain to Sonoma County and has also worked with foster youth and foster families as a Foster Family recruiter and Trainer. Vance loves sharing Christ with others, helping people connect with God, and watching Him change lives.

1. 5 things people should know about me:
1) My wife Cathy is my soul mate.
2) I am 6 ft. tall.
3) Jesus and chocolate can solve any problem.
4) Music fuels my soul.
5) I love to laugh. 
2. Books I love: '"Green, Red, Black & White" series by Ted Dekker, "Wild at Heart" by John Eldregde, and anything by Louis L'Amour.'
3. Music on my playlist: 'Boston, Rihanna, MercyMe, Kenny G, and Casting Crowns.'
4. What I miss from when I was 18 years old: 'Being carefree and hanging out with high school friends.'
5. What is keeping me up at night: 'Thinking about how I can be a better instrument in God's hands while helping others with their journey.'

Michael elizondo

Worship Pastor

dana johnson

 Children's & Student Director
Dana is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! She has lived in Turlock and attended Crossroads since 2014, has been on staff at Crossroads since 2018, and loves her job! Dana is newly married to her husband Christopher Wrenn since July 2019! If you haven’t noticed already, she works hard to love our kids and has a passion to see them grow in their relationship with God.

1. 5 things people should know about me: 

1.) I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI - Go Packers!,
2.) I LOVE cheese & frozen custard,
3.) Since I have no children, I treat my 90lb dog like my own child,
4.) I love debating with people! There's nothing more passionate & thrilling than a good debate between friends,
5.) I am 99% always cold, you will usually find me wearing a jacket or sweater at any time of the year.
2. Books I love: The 5 Love Languages and mystery books that make my brain think, but my favorite time to read is when I'm reading with a kid. I love reading them classics from when I was their age!
3. Music you will find on my playlist: Shane & Shane, Elvis Presley, 21 Pilots, & Switchfoot!
4. What do I miss from when I was 18: Other than not having bills, not a whole lot! I love seeing how each day is a new day that I am able to grow and learn something new.
5. What is keeping me up at night: My husband's snoring.


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Facilities Coordinator

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Pastoral Assistant/Database

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