We understand the process of transformation has three components;
motivation, application, and information.
Classes are the primary vehicle through which we help you learn information needed to follow Jesus closely and passionately.

Classes are intended to help you learn information necessary to be transformed into a passionate Christ-follower. As we are being transformed there are 8 areas of life that will be impacted and therefore, reflect the on-going transformation. We refer to these as our 8 products.  

A passionate Christ-Follower will be...
    * Spirit-led
    * Prayerfully Dependent
    * Biblically Measured
    * Financially Faithful
    * Glocally Invested
    * Family Oriented
    * Evangelistically Focused
    * Christ-like in Character
Our classes are designed with these products in mind. We regularly offer classes that help you learn the information necessary for these products to develop in your life. Classes run varying lengths of time and meet at various times throughout the week. Check back soon for a listing of upcoming classes! 

The Book Nook

The “Book Nook” exists to provide resources to help in this transformation process. If you are taking a Crossroads class, you may purchase your student guide or book here. We also offer a variety of books to assist you as you seek to become a passionate Christ-follower.

SUMMER 2019 SCHEDULE: The Book Nook will be open the 1st Sunday of each month and the 2nd Thursday each month during the summer (May-August).  
Thursdays: May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8. Sundays: June 2, July 7, August 4.