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Services For At Home
On this page you will find our Preschool & Elementary videos that include worship for those that choose to watch at home! This page is updated weekly with new videos, activities, and any other resources you may need during this time. In addition it will remind you of the ways Crossroads KIDS can stay connected with your littles at home!
*At the end of this page, you can find previous weeks' videos*

June 6th Videos

The Backyard

The House

Home Activities & Printable Resources

Book Readings

Crisis Conversation Resources & Bridging The Gap

We understand that at this time kids might start asking questions, they might start having fears or anxiety. Here are some quick resources how as a parent you can help with those conversations.

At Crossroads Kids, our hope is that every kid finds Jesus, falls in love with Him, and follows Him for the rest of their life!

We provide a safe environment for kids to come and engage with God through
1) Biblical and age-appropriate teaching,
2) Worship through music and tithes & offerings,
3) Small groups where kids have the opportunity to ask questions and dive deeper into the Bible, learning more about how living for Him changes their everyday lives!

Connect with us!

Below you will find previews of upcoming events that we plan 
throughout the year to engage parents and kids alike...


We are so excited to say we have a green light for kids summer camp! July 5th - 9th we will be attending CentriKid Camps at Jenness Park Conference. This is an overnight experience for 2nd - 6th graders where they get to learn more about the message of Jesus Christ! As someone that attended summer camp from when I was a kid up until I graduated and then worked at the same summer camp, it was one of the highlights of every year! A kids faith can be greatly impacted by their environment, and summer camp is a place where they get to hear loud and clear that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. They get to spend time being encouraged and excited in a safe atmosphere with other kids the same age! Email [email protected] to sign up or to get more information!
Check out Crossroads KIDS Summer 2021 Events here!